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TV stars against animal cruelty

Lisa Kudrow may have an Emmy, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a TV Guide Award, but her character Phoebe Buffay will win an accolade of her own before Friends comes to an end on May 6. PETA has placed Phoebe at the top of its “Most Animal-Friendly TV Characters of All Time” list, which…

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Vegan Wedding

Just because Uncle Earl loves bratwurst and cheese doesn’t mean that you have to have that stuff at your wedding. Remember, it’s your special day. Take the opportunity to share the joys of vegetarian eating with family and friends. When Tracy Reiman got married, she decided to hold the reception at a hotel and teach…

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Animal Rights and Abortion

It happened again. It was Saturday afternoon and my husband and I had taken our three kids out for an afternoon at the beach. I happened to be wearing a shirt with an animal rights message: “Respect your fellow Earthlings.” Beneath the words is a drawing by cartoonist Berkeley Breathed of a young woman extending…

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About Caring Consumer

The world is in danger — there’s no question about it. Forests are burning, animals are dying, and the air is being filled with toxic fumes. While the best thing we could possibly do is for all of us to only consume the things we grow and make, that’s just not practical in our modern society.

To make sure we can live the most ethically sound life possible while still being part of modern society, I created Caring Consumer. You’ll find buying advice, tips, and company investigations that let you know whether or not a company meets your own high ethical standards.

My name is Michelle and I hope you enjoy my site.

Featured Guides

Here are some of our latest guides to ethical shopping.

Best Lab Grown Diamonds in 2021

Lab-grown diamonds have paved the way for tens of thousands of the worlds poorest workers to escape the danger of unregulated diamond mines. We’ve reviewed the top providers of these ethical alternatives and ensure you get a beautiful stone that aligns with your moral values.

8 Best Laundry Detergent Sheets in 2021

There are many sacrifices to make when living an environmentally sustainable life, but having clean clothes isn’t one of them. We’ve reviewed and ranked the top 8 laundry detergent sheets so you can stay clean and help the world.