8 Best Laundry Detergent Sheets: Reviewed & Compared (2021)

Trying to find the best laundry detergent sheets is tough. 

Products vary widely in terms of price, quality, efficiency, and most importantly, social impact, and it can be hard to tell which companies are genuine in their commitment to providing value to you and the world and which ones are just trying to leach money from your pocket. 

To make sure you get the best product that not only does its job, but also makes the biggest impact, I’ve reviewed and ranked the eight best laundry sheets on the market. Here’s what I found. 

First Place: Earth Breeze – 9.20/10

Earth Breeze is #1 on my list because not only is it the cheapest laundry detergent sheet that ticks all the boxes and works great on whites and colors, they also prove their commitment to improving the world by giving back to those in need.


There’s a lot to like about Earth Breeze

First of all, they’re the cheapest manufacturer per load on the market, with each load coming in at just $0.33. You can drop this price even further to just $0.20 per load by joining their monthly subscription plan. Considering some manufacturers charge over $1 per load, $0.20 per load is great value. 

On top of this, they tick all the boxes you need in your laundry detergent sheets. They ranked in the top two results on both whites and colors, they’re safe on sensitive skin, have zero-waste packaging, offer free shipping on all orders, work in all kinds of washing machines (including high-efficiency machines), and are vegan and cruelty-free (meaning no animals were harmed in production).

But, being great value and ticking all the boxes isn’t enough. We live in an interconnected society where our actions impact our future and those around us — something of which we all need to be conscious. It’s on this point that Earth Breeze really separates itself from the crowd in three ways. 

Firstly, for every box Earth Breeze sells, they donate 10 sheets to those in need, including homeless shelters, veteran’s organizations, women’s shelters, and disaster relief efforts. 

Secondly, they’re part of ‘1% For The Planet’ – an organization whose members commit 1% of revenue to non-profits to use in the most impactful way possible. 

And finally, Earth Breeze is 100% carbon-neutral. This means that not only are their facilities and offices carbon-neutral, but they also provide funding and assistance to their entire supply chain (including shipping) to ensure they’re also carbon-neutral.

They’re the only manufacturer to tick all three of these boxes (and one of only two manufacturers to make ANY environmental or societal commitments), and so when you combine it with their pricing and complete range of features, putting them in the #1 spot was easy.


Trying to find a negative for Earth Breeze was tough. 

The only real con I could find for Earth Breeze is that while they already have more than 14,000 four and five-star reviews, they’re a relatively new player in the market and so don’t have the same 50+ year track record as some providers. 

While this won’t make an iota of difference for most people, if you have a strong nostalgic streak and want to use the same laundry detergent brand as your parents, Earth Breeze might not be a good choice for you. 


Earth Breeze is the best laundry detergent sheet on the market because not only are they the cheapest and have the best range of features, as well as performing exceptionally well on both whites and colors, they’re also the only manufacturer to back up the promise of protecting the earth and our environment with real action. 

If you want a laundry sheet that combines great value for money with the biggest range of features and a commitment to making a better world, head to Earth Breeze now.

Runner Up: Tru Earth – 7.41/10 

Tru Earth sneaks into the #2 spot on my list because despite being almost twice the price of Earth Breeze, they’re the only other laundry sheet company to also give back to the community.


Tru Earth is another laundry sheet manufacturer that ticks a lot of boxes. 

Their zero-waste packaging is wrapped around laundry sheets that do a decent job on most common fabrics, are safe for sensitive skin, work in high-efficiency machines, and are both vegan and cruelty-free. 

On top of this, for every subscription they receive, they will donate 32 sheets to front-line workers, food banks, and those in need — the last manufacturer on this list to commit to any social good.


While Tru Earth is a good company, there’s definitely a reason they’re #2 on this list. 

Firstly, they’re expensive. To be more accurate, they’re double the price of Earth Breeze. Their cost per load for a one-off purchase is $0.62 and even their discount subscription rate of $0.40 per load is more than Earth Breeze’s one-off purchase rate of $0.33 per load.

On top of this, there’s a big difference in their charity efforts. While Earth Breeze donates 10 washes per packet of laundry sheets they sell, Tru Earth will only make a donation when someone signs up for an automatically recurring subscription. 

This means that if you buy 10 packets from Earth Breeze, they will donate 100 sheets while Tru earth will donate just 32 sheets. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s GREAT that they’re giving back (as more companies should be), but just be aware that their giving is limited.


Tru Earth is an established laundry soap sheet manufacturer that ticks a lot of boxes. Their 32 load, zero-waste sheets are safe for sensitive skin, work in high-efficiency machines on most common fabrics, and are cruelty-free.  

While they’re nearly twice the price of Earth Breeze and their charity efforts are limited, they do provide a reliable product. 

If you’d like to know more about Tru Earth, you can find more information on their website

3. Sheets Laundry Club – 6.90/10

Sheets Laundry Club lands at #3 on this list by providing good value for money, despite the fact that they don’t back up their claims of caring about the environment with any specific actions.


Sheets Laundry Club makes a reputable product at a good price. 

Their laundry detergent sheets work in all machines, are hypo-allergenic, they sailed through our tests on whites, and no animals were harmed in their production. They’re the third-cheapest laundry sheets on the market (at $0.40 per load for one-off purchases and $0.28 per load for subscribers) and offer free shipping on all orders. 


The big con with Sheets Laundry Club is that while their website is plastered with claims of how they care about the environment and want to protect it for all, they don’t actually back this up with any specific action. 

Yes, they have zero-waste packaging, but in a world where we humans have done significant damage to our environment already, avoiding doing more damage is really not enough. Without actively repairing the damage, nothing will improve. 

They also didn’t perform exceptionally well on colors. The muted colors came out looking just as they did when they went in, but the bright colors seem to lack their usual pop once they came off the line.

Considering the good work that Earth Breeze and Tru Earth are doing, this just doesn’t cut it.


Sheets Laundry Club produces a reliable product that ticks all the boxes you’d expect, but their lack of actively contributing to repairing the damage that we humans have done to the planet means you can get far better value elsewhere. 

4. Kind Laundry – 6.55/10

Kind Laundry is not a terrible alternative to the options above.

Their nicely designed, zero-waste packaging holds their 5-ingredient, plant-based laundry sheets and they sell them at a very reasonable price. They match Earth Breeze at only $0.33 per wash for the one-off purchase, but they’re $0.08 per load more expensive with their subscription ($0.28 per load vs. $0.20 per load).

They didn’t seem to suffer from the same issue of fading bright colors as Sheets, but they also didn’t perform as well on whites.

But they’re down at number 4 for two reasons. 

The first is that they only offer free shipping on subscriptions. That means that if you want to make a one-off purchase to test their product, you have to pay the shipping costs yourself. The only people who make it harder to test a product are usually those who have something to hide so this didn’t sit well with me. 

They also don’t have any program where they back up their claims of caring about the environment by taking real and tangible action. They don’t donate any portion of their sales, through products or upfront cash or work with their suppliers to ensure they’re carbon neutral either.

Given how much they talk about saving the environment on their website, you’d expect they’d actually do something about it…

5. Well Earth – 6.31/10

Well Earth has made it to #5 on this list, but really, these bottom four recommendations could have been ranked in any order. All four offer a few of the features that Earth Breeze offers, but miss the mark entirely on other elements. 

The parts which Well Earth hit are the standards that every other provider also hit. Their laundry detergent sheets are safe for sensitive skin, work in all washing machines, do a decent enough job on most ordinary fabrics, and are vegan and cruelty-free. 

And while their $0.52 per load cost for one-off purchases and $0.48 per load on subscription put them near the bottom of the list in terms of price, they do offset that slightly by offering free shipping on all purchases.

Still, the top three recommendations on this list all offer free shipping and charge less per load so there’s no real reason to use Well Earth

6. Beyond Laundry Detergent Sheets – 6.15/10

Beyond Laundry Detergent Sheets was a confusing one to rank. 

They tick all those basic boxes of being safe on sensitive skin, working in all machines on most fabrics, and being cruelty-free and vegan and then blow you away with the cheapest one-off purchase price of any manufacturer on this list. 

Their $8.99 price for 32 loads means they cost $0.28 per load, which is less than even Earth Breeze.

BUT… there is a catch. They make you pay for shipping and they don’t offer any subscription discount meaning that there are at least three other manufacturers on this list that are cheaper if you subscribe (and possibly more, depending on the shipping costs).

On top of this, they don’t give back to society or help improve the environment in any way so there’s really no reason to buy from them.

Yes, I could have ranked Beyond Laundry Detergent Sheets higher, but the ‘no free shipping’ policy tells me that they don’t really care about delivering real value so I bumped them down a few slots.

7. Space White – 5.92/10

Space White is down at #7 on this list because, well, they really haven’t tried to create a competitive product.

Yes, their laundry sheets cover the same basics that the other manufacturers do, but that’s where they stop.

Their $0.44 per load price puts them in the middle of the pack and they do offer a subscription discount, but ONLY on your first order. The subsequent orders are charged at full price. 

They then add insult to this injury by only offering free shipping on orders over $75. 

Come on, Space White. Really? 

Not good enough…

8. Clean People – 4.80/10

I honestly have no idea what Clean People were thinking when they launched their product, but it would have been a really interesting meeting to be part of. 

“Wait Jim, let me get this straight. You want to charge more than twice the price of almost every one of our competition and five times more than the market leader, offer no subscription discount, and then back up our claims of wanting to help the environment by doing absolutely nothing?”

“Yes, Shirly. You got it.”

“Brilliant! Let’s launch it!”

Their $1.03 per load cost is just crazy and the fact that you can’t reduce that price with a subscription makes absolutely no sense.

Don’t use them. Save yourself $0.83 PER LOAD with Earth Breeze.


I’ve reviewed the top eight best laundry sheets on the market and the best company is Earth Breeze.

Not only do they have the cheapest laundry sheets on the market (at as little as $0.20 per load), but they also offer free shipping on all orders, are suitable for sensitive skin, produce white whites and vibrant colors, work in all washing machines (including high-efficiency machines), and are cruelty-free and vegan. 

On top of this, for every packet they sell, they give 10 sheets to those in need, donate 1% of ALL revenue to worthy not-for-profits to create an impact in their community, and ensure that their entire supply chain (including their shipping company) is carbon-neutral. 

If you want laundry sheets that are not only the best price and tick all the boxes you need from laundry detergent but also actively contribute to creating a better world, head to Earth Breeze now.

Additional Details

In an effort to provide the most in-depth information possible on all of these brands, we are compiling individual reviews on each one. If you would like to understand more about these companies, you can start with our Earth Breeze review.