Vegan Wedding

Just because Uncle Earl loves bratwurst and cheese doesn’t mean that you have to have that stuff at your wedding. Remember, it’s your special day. Take the opportunity to share the joys of vegetarian eating with family and friends.

When Tracy Reiman got married, she decided to hold the reception at a hotel and teach the chef how to cook great vegan food, setting the stage for future vegan events. The chef was happy to work with her and consulted with one of Tracy’s vegan friends to plan the menu. The feast featured angel hair pasta with julienned vegetables in a ginger soy sauce, vegan antipasto and soy quesadillas, grilled portobello mushrooms, bruschetta with fresh basil, balsamic marinated roma tomatoes, and toasted sesame seeds, and more. It got rave reviews from vegans and nonvegetarians alike. And the guests were bowled over by the delicious vegan wedding cake.

Tracy and her husband, Dale, dressed in animal-friendly fashions from head to toe. When Tracy found that the dress she had picked out was made of silk, she worked with the boutique to have the same dress made in a fine satin so that silkworms weren’t boiled alive to make her dress.

Dale looked dashing in a nonwool suit from Benetton, a silk-free tie, and stylish shoes made of cool, all-synthetic materials. 

Your wedding is sure to make a lasting impression, but you can make it last even longer by making a donation to an animal shelter or animal rights organization in your guests’ name in lieu of traditional party favors. And if you already have enough toasters, crockpots, and blenders, why not also ask your guests to make a contribution in your honor as a wedding present?

Tackle Cruelty While You Tie the Knot

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Vegan Wedding Cake
• Locate a vegan wedding cake baker in your state.
• Or, make your own Black Forest Wedding Cake

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics
• Check out our list of companies that don’t test on animals.

Synthetic Shoes
• Leather alternatives can be found just about anywhere you might shop. Designers like Liz Claiborne, Capezio, and Sam & Libby offer an array of nonleather shoes. Some discount shoe and variety stores like Payless Shoe Source and Fayva offer especially large selections. Find more resources for nonleather shoes, including mail-order and Web catalogs.

Nonwool Tuxedos
• Washington, D.C.-based Anthony’s Tuxedos (202-333-5762; [email protected]) sells tuxedos made of animal-friendly fabrics and will ship anywhere in the USA.
• Etuxedoes and also sell nonwool suits.

A Vegan Caterer
• If there isn’t a vegan caterer in your area, many caterers are willing to make gourmet animal-free feasts. Suggest some of the delicious recipes found at

A Vegetarian-Friendly Bed ‘n’ Breakfast for Our Honeymoon
• A delightfully surprising number of bed ‘n’ breakfasts are billing themselves as vegetarian and/or vegan retreats, offering their guests comfortable, homey lodging and delicious meat-free cuisine.

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