Is Revlon Cruelty-Free?

December 9, 2022

While some large companies continue the cruel and outdated practice of testing on animals, hundreds of companies have gone cruelty-free.

In 1990, cosmetics giant Revlon became one of the first industry heavyweights to swear off all animal testing. Since then, Revlon has grown to be an animal-friendly empire, garnering awards for its products from magazines such as CosmopolitanTeen PeopleAllure, and InStyle.

Revlon’s groundbreaking decision paved the way for many other companies to try non-animal testing methods, such as skin cultures and donated human corneas. Today, thanks to pioneers like Revlon, consumers can go into any department store, supermarket, or drugstore and buy products from mainstream companies that do not harm and kill animals in crude tests. The European Union recently voted to phase out all product testing on animals, a decision no doubt inspired by Revlon and other companies that have proved that animal tests are archaic and unnecessary.

The best way to let companies know that you won’t support animal testing is by using your pocketbook to support Revlon and other companies that refuse to test on animals, sending a clear message that beauty doesn’t have to have an ugly side.