When life was nothing more than a day-to-day survival against the wild and ravaging elements thrown our way by an uncaring world, it was understandable that people had to make do with what meagre resources they could find.

If a cow was the only thing you had to feed your family, then you’re going to choose their lives over that of your bovine companion.

But, times have changed. We live in a world of abundance where for most people, choosing between the thousands options is a bigger challenge that trying to find available options.

The natural conclusion from this situation is not that people are cruel or are deliberately choosing products that harm our environment and the animals around us, but that they simply don’t know which options are available that don’t cause unnecessary pain and suffering to the world around us.

To help right that wrong, I created Caring Consumer. This is my attempt to inform people of all the wonderful cruelty-free and vegan options around the world so they can still participate in modern society, without violating their ethical standards.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find the options necessary to bring your entire life into moral alignment.