January 31, 2024

There are millions of products created and sold around the world every year, and unfortunately, a vast majority of them inflict unnecessary harm on innocent animals, both within their development and production.

We have started an in-depth investigation into a number of categories of products and will update our list as soon as those investigations are complete.


Cleaning chemicals are some of the nastiest chemicals on the planet and have been tested on animals since the industry first developed. To make sure you can find cleaning chemicals that don’t violate your ethical standards, we’ve investigated the industry.


The cosmetics industry is notorious for its unrelenting abuse of animals. We’re currently conducting a number of investigations into this industry to identify products you can purchase without having to compromise on your morals. Here is what we’ve found so far:


The clothing industry is a significant part of our lives, encompassing everything from high-end fashion to everyday attire. However, the industry is not without its ethical concerns, including worker exploitation and environmental impact.

Currently, there are efforts to promote sustainability and ethical practices within the industry. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far:


Big-food is another industry that routinely violates the ethical standards that all humans should abide by, both in the creation and distribution of the food on our supermarket shelves. Here are some of the industries we’ve investigated:


When it comes to jewelry, it’s important to consider not only the aesthetics but also the ethical and environmental impact of the pieces. The mining of precious metals and gems can often involve harmful practices such as child labor, forced labor, and environmental destruction.

Choosing ethically sourced and sustainable jewelry can help to support responsible mining practices and ensure that workers and communities are treated fairly. To help you understand more, here’s what we’ve found: