Earth Breeze Review: Pros, Cons, and Recommendations

Earth Breeze Review Summary

Earth Breeze is a new player in the eco-friendly laundry detergent game. Here is my analysis of their Liquidless Eco Sheets.


  • Each load costs just $0.33. Signing up for their monthly membership plan lowers this price even further to just $0.20 per load. 
  • Earth Breeze ranked in the top two in my wash tests on both whites and colors. It’s gentle on fabrics and works in both cold and hot water. 
  • These sheets are gentle on your skin and don’t cause irritation or allergic reaction.
  • Earth Breeze offsets any carbon production by packing their laundry strips in compostable cardboard. 
  • These detergent strips are vegan and cruelty free.
  • From manufacturing to arriving at your home, the Earth Breeze laundry sheets production process creates no plastic waste.
  • For every package of Earth Breeze purchased, they donate 10 loads of laundry detergent to charity, including recent wildfire victims. 
  • Earth Breeze is a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization whose members commit to donating 1% of their revenue to nonprofits for earth advocacy. 
  • Earth Breeze plants one tree for every 100 social media followers, in addition to other pro-environment efforts they take part in. 
  • Earth Breeze provides carbon-neutral, plastic-free packaging and free shipping on any order to any place worldwide.


  • Earth Breeze is a relative newcomer to the industry.

Who Should Use Earth Breeze?

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint while doing your laundry, consider switching to Earth Breeze Liquidless Eco Sheets. These laundry strips remove tough stains AND fight pollution and climate change. Turn your laundry chore into a contribution to the planet and your fellow human beings. 

Who Shouldn’t Use Earth Breeze?

If you’re happy with your traditional, synthetic detergent and aren’t interested in changing your consumer habits to get plant-based, zero-waste detergent for the same clean clothing to benefit the environment, Earth Breeze isn’t for you. 


Earth Breeze sells eco-friendly laundry sheets that are one of the cheapest options in the market ($0.33 per load) available in plastic-free packaging, and offering free shipping worldwide.

In addition to their existing efforts to save the environment, they’ve also partnered with multiple earth-advocacy organizations such as We Are Neutral (to offset their carbon emissions).

If you want an easy-to-use, eco-friendly laundry detergent that avoids all the issues caused by unnecessarily heavy plastic jugs, you can get your Earth Breeze sheets here.

Earth Breeze Review

More and more brands are claiming to be carbon-free, playing their part in observing a zero-waste policy.

While many traditional brands claim that their laundry detergent is safe for your family, how can consumers be sure? And what about all those chemicals? The good news is these days we have more choices than ever before. But it still takes more time and effort than most consumers have to be certain which products are best for us and our environment. So to learn more, let’s take a deep dive into Earth Breeze

Who Is Earth Breeze?

Earth Breeze was founded in 2019 by Jon Wedel. Their warehouse is in Oregon, but their team is made up of staff from all over the world. 

Earth Breeze is a socially responsible company. For every product sold, they donate 1% of the profits to environmental conservation projects. And with every purchase, it donates 10 laundry sheets to those in need, including domestic violence shelters, military veterans, and first responders. This means that if you buy Earth Breeze, you are helping the less fortunate in the community. 

In addition, they have been recognized by a number of environmental advocacy organizations, including Green America and Organic Consumers Association, for their commitment to eco-conscious operations. From planting trees to ocean clean-ups, Earth Breeze walks the walk when it comes to environmental advocacy.

Earth Breeze is part of an organization called 1% For The Planet, whose members donate 1% of total sales to community organizations helping to improve the physical and social environment. And finally, Earth Breeze partners with We Are Neutral to ensure that any carbon emissions from their production, operations, and shipping are all offset by environmentally beneficial projects.

What Products Does Earth Breeze Make?

Earth Breeze creates dissolvable detergent sheets that are pre-measured, highly sustainable, dye-free, and environmentally friendly. Earth Breeze’s eco-friendly detergent strips are made from natural, plant-based materials, unlike liquid detergent or powders. Using them helps reduce both chemical use and laundry waste.

Since they are not loaded with synthetic chemicals, they reduce waste leaching into the water supply, making life easier for everyone. A bit more about their laundry sheets: 

  • They are designed to be used in hot or cold water. 
  • They come in two varieties—fragrance free and fresh scent. 
  • They come in packages of 30 strips for up to 60 loads. Half a sheet washes the equivalent of a traditional full load.
  • You can use them in any kind of machine—even HE. 
  • Earth Breeze is both cruelty-free and vegan, meaning that your purchase helps keep vulnerable animals safe from unnecessary harm.

Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets—60 Loads

This package contains 30 strips, which can be used for up to 60 loads. 

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets 12 Pack

You can order in bulk—12 packs of 60 sheets each—to save time and reduce the shipping footprint. 

Subscription Package

Subscribing to a package can save you up to 40%. Subscription options, which you can easily cancel anytime, include delivery every 1–4 months. Also, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. 

Why Earth Breeze Over Traditional Laundry Detergent?

Most laundry detergents are filled with chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and human health. Earth Breeze not only comes in environmentally friendly packaging but also offers an eco-friendly alternative using natural, dye-free, vegan and earth-safe ingredients in their products, while keeping your clothes clean, fresh, and giving back to the earth. 

Moreover, they are actively involved in environmental advocacy and focus on lowering the worldwide carbon footprint. When you buy these strips, they donate 10 loads of laundry detergent on your behalf towards a cause of YOUR choice.

How Do They Work?

Earth Breeze detergent strips make use of the water already available in the machine. They dissolve in water after you place half of one, one, or two sheets in the water. They provide a similar cleaning experience as other detergents.

Laundry detergent sheets work best when added directly to the drum of the washer rather than through any detergent dispensers. Place it in the drum before adding clothes.

How Much Do They Cost?

Earth Breeze’s pricing is very simple.

Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets: One pack for 60 Loads

A one-time purchase of one 30-sheet package costs $20. 

Earth Breeze Eco Sheets: 12 Pack

Earth breeze Eco Sheets 12 Pack is an equivalent of 720 loads and costs $120. You can save up to 40% if you subscribe to their service. The Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets—60 Loads costs you only $12 after subscription. 

My Earth Breeze Review

Here is my experience of using Earth Breeze.

Performance: 9/10

Earth Breeze meets all the basic performance standards you expect in a regular laundry detergent. They produce excellent results on both whites and colors, work in all kinds of washing machines (including high-efficiency machines), are safe for sensitive skin, work in both hot and cold water, and remove the stains and odors that you would expect a regular laundry detergent to work on. 

They only scored a 9/10 because they don’t provide any serious stain-busting capacity. They’re not going to remove red wine from your white mink coat or get the car oil from your new linen pants. While no other competitor really provides that level of cleaning, there is still room to improve.

Value: 9/10

Earth Breeze laundry detergent sheets are excellent value. 

Their one-off purchase price of $0.33 per load is the second cheapest of all laundry detergent sheets and their subscription price of $0.20 per load is the cheapest laundry detergent sheet. But that $0.20 per load doesn’t just provide clean laundry.

Despite all the ridiculous value they provide, they only scored a 9/10 because you can get your cost per load down to $0.12 or $0.16 per load if you use some of the heavily polluting detergents in plastic bottles that give nothing back to the community and pollute landfills and oceans with plastics waste. 

That’s definitely a lower financial cost, but the value Earth Breeze provides extends way beyond the confines of your washing machine. Only you can decide if the social and environmental cost is worth changing from your cheap but pollution-prone traditional detergent.

Product/Service Offerings: 8/10

Earth Breeze offers a full range of laundry detergent sheets, available in two styles: fragrance-free and fresh scent. You can order one pack containing 30 sheets (60 loads) or 12 packs of 30 sheets each (720 loads). 

The reason it scored 8/10 is that other brands offer a more complete range of eco-friendly products. For example, Kind Laundry has introduced a range of eco-friendly laundry products like stain remover bars, wool dryer balls, and mesh laundry bags.

Customer Support: 9/10

The Earth Breeze customer service is efficient and fair. A majority of their clients mentioned a quick and simple refund process. “They have been very quick to respond and to rectify my requests,” reviewed one satisfied customer. Their customer service agents listen to all the requests with patience and provide solutions immediately. 

Ease of Use: 10/10

Earth Breeze laundry strips could not be easier to use. They are light, water-soluble, and simple to use. Simply place the detergent sheet in the washing machine before loading it with dirty laundry. It dissolves in 30 seconds in both hot and cold water. 

Earth Breeze laundry sheets are also easier to store than those heavy, plastic jugs we’re used to. Just pull a lightweight sheet out of your home-compostable box and you’re good to go. 

You might not be able to get your weightlifting regime in when you do your laundry anymore, but you’ll be grateful in the long run. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

Earth Breeze ticks a lot of boxes. They work well on whites and colors in all washing machines at any water temperature while being safe on sensitive skin. They’re the cheapest laundry sheet on the market and improve their value by making significant contributions to the environment and those in need.

While they don’t currently offer any additional laundry products in their range, they’re very simple to use and they provide excellent customer support.

What Others Are Saying

Here are what others are saying about Earth Breeze around the web.


It scores 3.8 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot. It has three excellent category reviews from customers who lauded its quick delivery and superior wash results. These reviews also mentioned that laundry strips are easier to store and take up less space than traditional laundry detergent. 


There are no EarthBreeze reviews available on its Google Business page 


Its Facebook page doesn’t show any reviews. But I dug around in the comments section and found numerous positive remarks, including many happy customers who commented that they appreciate the fragrance-free option. I can confidently rank it 4.5 out of 5 stars based on my review of customer comments. 

Better Business Bureau:

Earth Breeze is not BBB accredited yet. It has a 4.71 rating, though, from 282 reviews. Customer feedback reveals that they take quick action to resolve conflicts, such as refunds, replacements, etc. Customers who left reviews were pleased with the easy-to-use functionality of laundry sheets over liquid, powder, or pod detergents.

In Summary 

If consumers are to begin making earth-conscious choices, they need high-quality, effective, and affordable products to choose from. Options such as cruelty-free and zero plastic packaging are becoming increasingly available.

As a consumer concerned with the future of the planet, you will find such a product in Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets. Customer reviews show that the product is effective at washing clothes and comes with efficient and fair customer service.

Through their affordable bulk subscription plan, you can cut down on shipments and wash a regular load of clothes for $0.20. Reversing the effects of climate change starts with each individual and supporting Earth Breeze comes with the confidence that you’re doing your part. 

If you’re ready to choose a most environmentally sustainable option for your laundry detergent, then head to Earth Breeze now.


What are the Earth Breeze ingredients?

Earth Breeze’s ingredients are: Glycerol, Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Polyvinyl alcohol, Polyethylene Glycol, Fragrance, Deionized Water, and Starch (Corn).

Is Earth Breeze a vegan product?

Yes, they do not use any ingredients derived from animals.

Can you use Earth Breeze products in an HE washer?

Yes, Earth Breeze detergent sheets work with any type of washer—front loader or toploader, and even high-efficiency (HE) machines.

Will Earth Breeze Eco Sheets dissolve in cold water?

Yes, these strips are designed to dissolve in cold water. 

Are Earth Breeze detergent products safe for washing clothes by hand?

Yes, these hypoallergenic laundry sheets are safe for skin, hence can be used for handwashing the garments. 

How long will unused strips last?

When stored in a cool, dry place, these laundry detergent strips will last 18 months.

Which charities does Earth Breeze donate to?

For every purchased package, Earth Breeze donates 10 loads of detergent to charitable organizations. Some noteworthy organizations include: Streetlife communities, Casa De Amparo, Covenant House Vancouver, Star of Hope, The Community Network (TCN), Paws for a Cause

Is it okay to use Earth Breeze with septic or gray water?

Yes, Earth Breeze can be used with septic or gray water.

How many washes does a pack of Earth Breeze provide?

A standard pack is good for 60 washes and includes 30 sheets. Some people prefer to use two sheets for more scent, while others prefer one, but half a sheet is equivalent to what most traditional detergents refer to as a “load.”

Does Earth Breeze sell any other products?

No, currently they only offer Laundry Detergent Liquidless Eco Sheets.

What is the Earth Breeze customer support phone number and email?

Earth Breeze can be reached at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also a contact form on their website.

Does Earth Breeze charge any shipping costs?

No, Earth Breeze ships the product for free.

What is the Earth Breeze Refund Policy?

You can ask for a full refund after 30 days of your purchase. This policy does not apply to orders above $50.