Is Panera Greek Dressing Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

September 14, 2023

Identifying whether a product like Panera Greek Dressing is vegan or not can be a challenging task.

The difficulty comes from manufacturers and corporations that are less than transparent about the nature and source of their ingredients.

This article aims to uncover the truth and support you, our conscientious reader, in your vegan lifestyle.

Is Panera Greek Dressing Vegan?

Yes, Panera Greek Dressing is vegan.

The product does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. All the components are plant based. Hooray!

Is Panera Greek Dressing Cruelty-Free?

No, it’s unlikely that Panera’s Greek Dressing is cruelty-free. This is because Panera has yet to swear off GMOs, and soybean oil is likely sourced from GMO soybeans.

GMOs are tested on animals to ensure they are safe for consumption by humans.

What is Panera Greek Dressing Made Of?

Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients:

  • Soybean oil
  • Water
  • Distilled vinegar
  • Olive pomace oil
  • Cider vinegar
  • Organic gum blend
  • Xanthan gum
  • Dehydrated oregano
  • Citric acid
  • Dehydrated parsley
  • Dehydrated rosemary
  • Dehydrated thyme
  • Dehydrated bay leaves

Soybean Oil

Soybean oil comes from the seeds of the soybean plant. It serves as the base of the dressing and is vegan, but it is not cruelty-free unless it is organic or certified by the Non-GMO Project.


Water is a universal solvent and is vegan.

Distilled Vinegar

Distilled vinegar is made from fermented grain alcohol. It adds acidity to the dressing and is vegan.

Olive Pomace Oil

Olive pomace oil is extracted from olive pulp after the first press. It adds a delicious Mediterranean flavor and is vegan.

Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar is made from apple juice. It adds tanginess and is vegan.

Organic Gum Blend

Organic gum blend is used as a stabilizer and is derived from plant sources, making it vegan.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a thickening agent derived from bacterial fermentation. It is vegan.

Dehydrated Oregano

This is simply oregano that has been dehydrated. It is used for flavoring and is plant based, making it vegan.


Parsley is an herb, used to enhance the flavor. It is vegan.


Rosemary is another herb, used to enhance the flavor. It is also vegan.


Thyme is an herb, used to enhance the flavor. It is vegan.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are also an herb, used to enhance the flavor. Bay leaves are vegan.

Other Panera Products

Is Panera Ten Vegetable Soup Vegan?

Yes, the Ten Vegetable Soup is vegan. It is made from a variety of vegetables and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Is Panera’s Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich Vegan?

No, the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich is not vegan. It contains feta cheese, which is derived from animals. You could, theoretically, order this sandwich without the feta cheese and enjoy the Mediterranean vegetables.

Is Panera’s Green Passion Smoothie Vegan?

Yes, the Green Passion Smoothie is vegan. It is made from almond milk, fruit, and other plant-based ingredients.

Vegan Alternatives to Panera Greek Dressing

While Panera’s Greek dressing is vegan, it’s not always readily available. For alternatives, here are some brands:


Navigating the world of vegan options can be tricky, but it’s worth it for the sake of animals and our planet. Panera Greek Dressing is vegan, though perhaps not cruelty-free. Still, it’s a suitable choice for those following a vegan diet who don’t mind the occasional GMO food.

Panera also offers other vegan-friendly options like Ten Vegetable Soup and Green Passion Smoothie.

Always remember, your choices matter, not just for you but for the world around you. Keep doing the right thing!