Are Panda Express Spring Rolls Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

September 9, 2023

Identifying whether a product like Panda Express’s spring rolls is vegan or not can be a difficult task.

The difficulty often arises from manufacturers being less than transparent about the nature and source of their ingredients.

This article aims to uncover the truth and support you, our young and conscientious reader, in your vegan lifestyle.

Are Panda Express Spring Rolls Vegan?

No, Panda Express Spring Rolls are not vegan.

The reason these spring rolls are not vegan is primarily due to the wonton wrapper. While the other ingredients like cabbage, celery, carrots, and green onions are plant based, the wonton wrapper contains egg, which is an animal product.

Are Panda Express Spring Rolls Cruelty-Free?

No, Panda Express Spring Rolls are not cruelty-free. Panda Express is committed to using only cage-free eggs by 2025, but cage-free doesn’t always mean cruelty-free. Often, cage-free chickens are kept in overcrowded, dirty conditions. So, it’s not great, but it’s a start.

What Are Panda Express Spring Rolls Made Of?

Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients found in Panda Express’s spring rolls:

  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Green onion
  • Chinese noodles
  • Wonton wrapper


Cabbage is a leafy green vegetable. It is a plant and, therefore, it’s vegan.


Celery is a plant ingredient that adds crunch and flavor. It is vegan.


Carrots are root vegetables that provide color and sweetness. They are vegan.

Green Onion

Green onions are plants that add a mild, oniony flavor. They are vegan.

Chinese Noodles

Chinese noodles are made from wheat and water. They are vegan unless they contain egg, which is not the case here.

Wonton Wrapper

Wonton wrappers are typically made from flour, water, and egg. The egg makes it non-vegan and non-cruelty-free.

Other Panda Express Products

Is Chow Mein Vegan?

Chow mein at Panda Express is not vegan because it contains chicken broth.

Is Orange Chicken Vegan?

The original orange chicken is not vegan because it contains chicken, an animal product.

Is Eggplant Tofu Vegan?

Eggplant tofu is vegan at Panda Express because it contains no animal ingredients.

Vegan Alternatives to Panda Express Spring Rolls

If you’re looking for vegan alternative brands, there are plenty of options available:

  • Spring Rolls from Amy’s Kitchen: These are vegan and contain only plant-based ingredients.
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls from Trader Joe’s: These are vegan and are made with a rice wrapper instead of a wonton wrapper.


While Panda Express offers a variety of options, its spring rolls are not vegan or cruelty-free due to the wonton wrapper containing egg.

Additionally, Panda Express does not disclose what oil the spring rolls are cooked in, so it’s always best to double-check.

For those committed to vegan food and concerned about animal welfare, we’ve shared a few alternative products that align with these values.