Is Krusteaz Pancake Mix Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

September 12, 2023

Navigating the vegan status of Krusteaz pancake mix can be a bit tricky.

With myriad ingredients to consider, it’s essential to dive deep.

This article is dedicated to clarifying the mix’s composition and assisting you, our esteemed reader, on your noble vegan path.

Is Krusteaz Pancake Mix Vegan?

No, Krusteaz Pancake Mix is not vegan.

The product contains ingredients derived from animals, specifically egg whites and buttermilk. Both of these ingredients are direct by-products of animals, making the pancake mix non-vegan.

Is Krusteaz Pancake Mix Cruelty-Free?

We can’t definitely say if Krusteaz Pancake Mix is cruelty-free. None of the ingredients are widely known for being tested on animals, but it does contain non-organic eggs and dairy, which come from industries notorious for cruel and inhumane living conditions for animals. For many people, that disqualifies it from being cruelty-free.

Furthermore, several ingredients are probably sourced from GMO products, namely the soybean flour and dextrose, which come from soybeans and corn, respectively. Both of these crops are mainly GMO, unless organic. GMOs are tested on animals to ensure their safety for human consumption.

What Is Krusteaz Pancake Mix Made Of?

Krusteaz Pancake Mix is made up of a combination of ingredients that give it its unique flavor and texture. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Enriched bleached flour
  • Sugar
  • Dextrose
  • Leavening
  • Food starch-modified
  • Salt
  • Soybean oil
  • Egg whites
  • Buttermilk

Enriched Bleached Flour

This is a combination of wheat flour and malted barley flour. It’s the primary ingredient in most pancake mixes, providing the base for the batter. It’s vegan.


Derived from sugarcane or sugar beets. It adds sweetness to the mix. Some sugar processing methods use bone char, making it controversial for strict vegans. Luckily, the practice is dying out. Still, if you’re a strict vegan, stick to organic, raw, or unfiltered sugar.


A simple sugar derived from corn. It’s vegan-friendly and is often used as a sweetener.However


This refers to agents like baking soda and sodium aluminum phosphate. They help the pancake rise. They are vegan-friendly.

Food Starch-Modified

A thickening agent derived from various plants. It’s vegan.


A mineral that enhances flavor. It’s vegan.

Soybean Oil

Derived from soybeans, it’s used for texture and is vegan.

Egg Whites

Derived from eggs, they are not vegan.


A dairy product, it’s derived from milk and is not vegan.

Vegan Alternatives to Krusteaz Pancake Mix

For those committed to a vegan lifestyle, there are numerous alternatives to Krusteaz Pancake Mix:


While Krusteaz Pancake Mix is a popular choice for many, it’s not suitable for vegans due to the inclusion of egg whites and buttermilk.

However, the market offers several vegan pancake mixes that are both delicious and ethical.

Always read ingredient lists carefully and research brands to ensure they align with your values. Your commitment to doing no harm is commendable, and with a little effort, you can enjoy delicious pancakes that align with your beliefs.