Are Jack in the Box’s Fries Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

September 8, 2023

Determining whether a product, like Jack in the Box’s fries, is vegan can often be a complicated task.

This difficulty arises primarily from manufacturers being less than transparent about the nature and sources of their ingredients.

This article, however, is dedicated to uncovering the truth and guiding you, our planet-loving, animal-caring reader, through your vegan journey.

Are Jack in the Box’s Fries Vegan?

Unfortunately, Jack in the Box’s regular French fries and seasoned curly fries are not vegan. The specific ingredient that disqualifies them as a vegan-friendly option is the canola blend frying oil, which they are cooked in.

The canola blend frying oil at Jack in the Box includes natural beef flavor, an additive derived from animal sources. This, naturally, conflicts with a vegan lifestyle that abstains from using any animal-based products.

Are Jack in the Box’s Fries Cruelty-Free?

We cannot confirm that Jack in the Box Fries are cruelty-free. It’s likely that the frozen russet potatoes the french fries are made of come from GMO potatoes. Genetically modified organisms are tested on animals. Any product that involves animal testing in any stage of its production cannot be considered cruelty-free.

What Are Jack in the Box’s Fries Made Of?

Jack in the Box’s fries are composed of a range of ingredients. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Potatoes
  • Canola blend frying oil (includes natural beef flavor)
  • Salt


Potatoes are plant-based tubers, grown in the ground. They are vegan and serve as the primary component of the fries, providing their basic shape, texture, and starchy flavor.They may, however, be GMO.

Canola Blend Frying Oil (Includes Natural Beef Flavor)

Canola oil is generally a plant-derived oil, sourced from the seeds of the canola plant. However, in Jack in the Box’s canola blend frying oil, natural beef flavor is added, which is animal-derived, making it non-vegan.


Salt is a mineral, extracted from sea water or rock deposits. It enhances the flavor of the fries and is indeed vegan.

Vegan Alternatives to Jack in the Box’s Fries

While Jack in the Box’s fries may not cater to a vegan lifestyle, there are other alternative brands available in the fast food chain. Some of the box vegan menu options include the side salad (without the cheddar cheese and low fat balsamic vinaigrette), hash browns, and the vegan burger, a.k.a the Impossible Burger, which uses plant-based textured vegetable protein.

Other vegan-friendly fast food chains also offer their version of vegan fries. For example, the fries at Burger King and Carl’s Jr are cooked in vegetable oil, making them vegan-friendly. In-N-Out fries are also vegan, as long as you don’t get them Animal Style.


While the beloved regular French fries and seasoned curly fries at Jack in the Box may not align with a vegan or cruelty-free lifestyle due to the presence of natural beef flavor in the canola blend frying oil, there are other vegan options on the box’s menu to enjoy.

It’s always important to carefully read ingredient lists and, when in doubt, ask the restaurant for more information. Together, we can make more informed choices for the sake of our planet and all its inhabitants.