Is Great Value Sugar Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

July 21, 2023

Identifying whether or not the Great Value brand is vegan can be a challenging task. 

This difficulty often stems from manufacturers — in this case Walmart, the owner of the Great Value brand — that are obscure about the nature and source of their ingredients, for whatever reason. 

However, this article aims to uncover the truth and support you, our conscious reader, in your admirable pursuit of a vegan lifestyle.

Is Great Value Sugar Vegan?

Great Value, as a brand, offers a wide variety of food products, some of which are vegan friendly, while others are not. As for their sugar line, the issue of whether or not Great Value sugar is vegan becomes a bit murky.

Walmart has not disclosed the processing procedures for its Great Value sugar, and therefore, it’s impossible to say for sure that it is vegan. 

Is Great Value Sugar Cruelty-Free?

When we consider whether a company is entirely cruelty-free, we must delve into its sourcing and manufacturing processes. In the case of Great Value, it’s unclear whether all their sugar products apply cruelty-free practices. 

This ambiguity arises from their use of cane sugar and beet sugar, which can sometimes be processed with bone char, a non-vegan product derived from animal bones. However, not all sugar brands use bone char in their refining process, and it’s unclear whether Great Value is among those that do.

What Is Great Value Sugar Made Of?

Great Value Sugar, a popular product found in Walmart stores, is a pantry staple for many households. Its simplistic nature means it has a single-ingredient list, perfect for those seeking uncomplicated, straightforward items for their culinary needs. The following is the ingredient used in Great Value Sugar:

  • Cane sugar

Cane sugar

Cane sugar is the crystallized sucrose extracted from sugarcane, a tropical plant that thrives in warm climates. It primarily originates from countries like Brazil, India, and Thailand, which are among the world’s largest producers of sugarcane.

As for its vegan status, cane sugar is indeed plant based, meaning it should generally be considered vegan. However, it’s worth noting that some sugar manufacturers might use bone char — charcoal made from animal bones — for the decolorization and filtering process, making the end product non-vegan. 

Since Great Value’s packaging does not specify if its sugar is “unrefined” or “organic,” it might be possible that it uses this processing method. However, without explicit information from Walmart, we cannot definitively confirm whether Great Value Sugar is vegan or not. 

If strict adherence to a vegan diet is a priority for you, contact the company directly or choose explicitly labeled vegan sugar products.

Vegan Alternatives to Great Value Sugar?

Fortunately, there are several trusted vegan sugar alternatives available if you’re concerned about the potential non-vegan processes involved in producing Great Value sugars.

  • Organic granulated cane sugar: Vegan sugars like Florida Crystals’ Organic Granulated Cane Sugar do not use bone char during their refining process, making them a safer choice.
  • Coconut sugar: Natural sugar alternatives like coconut sugar are inherently vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Beet sugar: Sugar beets are usually not processed with bone char, making beet sugar from trusted brands a potentially safe choice.
  • Raw cane sugar: Raw cane sugar, like those produced by certain foreign countries, are often less refined and do not involve bone char.


While Great Value offers a wide range of sugar products, its vegan status remains unclear due to potential bone char use in the refining process. 

For the conscious consumer, food alternatives like organic granulated cane sugar, coconut sugar, and beet sugar are available and offer peace of mind in supporting a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. 

It’s vital to remember that your choices can make a significant impact, and with the right information, you can continue to help protect animals and our planet.